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Investment Management

GSAM Launches Mosaic Short-Term Investment Platform

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November 06, 2019

E-commerceFacilitating short-term investing, Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) recently launched its new Mosaic investment platform that connects to a range of treasury management systems (TMSs) and other service providers. Built from the ground up, the platform allows corporates to choose among a variety of services, including existing liquidity manager GS Liquidity Solutions Portal, to help them optimize liquidity.

Christina Kopec, global head of liquidity solutions product strategy at GSAM, said that the term “portal” in the context of corporate treasury typically refers to trading money market funds (MMF) and other short-term investments. Mosaic, as the name connotes, is a broader offering that is available to corporates at no cost, providing a choice of additional capabilities including investment analytics, trading, settlement and reporting.

“The idea is that most treasury teams want to pick and choose aspects of the technology that make their lives easier,” Ms. Kopec said.

TMS integration. Mosaic can be accessed via Goldman investment portals or a company’s existing technology infrastructure. It has already been integrated with ION’s TMSs, including City Financials, IT2, Reval, Openlink, Treasura and Wallstreet Suite, as well as GTreasury. Those partnerships allow for a single sign-on, enabling users to toggle back and forth between the TMS and Mosaic’s trade-related data and functions. Mosaic has also been integrated with Kyriba and FIS’s Quantum in terms of exchanging data.

“The goal is to acknowledge the breadth of what a TMS does,” Ms. Kopec said, “Clients often tell us they have a system of choice and they want to use it as a single point of entry or preferred hub to access the other applications or systems they use. Mosaic tries to make that experience easier for the corporate client.”

Reconciliation relief. Traditionally, she added, treasury teams have accessed separate applications to trade MMFs and asked their TMS or enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers to upload data extracted from the MMF trading systems. Then they’ve reconciled the data themselves. Mosaic’s open architecture enables it to connect to those applications and other enterprise or proprietary applications, reducing manual data reconciliation and more generally facilitating cash management.

GSAM describes Mosaic’s data and execution services as providing “a flexible menu of investment analytics, execution, and reporting APIs and custom file integrations,” giving clients a holistic view of their short-term investments. Mosaic users can consolidate trade execution with GS Liquidity Solutions or another asset manager, or use multiple managers with whom they have beneficial relationships.

Ms. Kopec noted that Mosaic, as part of the Goldman infrastructure, gives users access to Goldman expertise on issues such as regulatory reform in the US and Europe, from the start of rulemaking to implementing solutions.

“As practitioners, we have very close proximity. So we hope it gives us an advantage in terms of helping clients to be sure their providers of choice are meeting requirements, and providing the right level of transparency and insight when events occur,” she said. Ms. Kopec said GSAM has also entered into several strategic partnerships benefiting Mosaic’s corporate users

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