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The Talent Challenge

A broad theme for NeuGroups in 2018 has been talent: fostering, cultivating, recognizing and most importantly, retaining it.

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ERP Specialist Broadens Its Horizons

Rebranded as Serrala Services, e5 sees the cloud opening up options for treasury.

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Treasury Management

In Wake of NIRP/ZIRP and Basel III: Down is Up and Up is Down

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June 15, 2015

By Ursula Conterno

How market conditions compounded by regulation changes are changing the banking industry and balance of power between corporates and banks in their cash management relationship. 

It’s still fresh in our memories: a time when banks valued corporate cash deposits and actually competed for them. After all, deposits were the foundation on which the banking business and financial intermediation were built. Banks marketed different liquidity structures to attract corporate cash. And cash was one more tool on the treasurer’s belt to manage their banks’ share of wallet while balancing counterparty risk.

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