That Ol’ Share-of-Wallet Issue

NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group tackles managing banks and the corporate wallet.

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Libor to SOFR Switch Will Be Challenging

Response to CME’s SOFR futures contracts may provide early signal.

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Editorial Guidelines

The NeuGroup encourages editorial contributions from experts and practitioners in the field.


How to get your article published?

The best way to have an article considered is to email a summary or story idea/outline to . Allow up to two weeks for a reply.


What sort of articles would we publish?

We will consider the following external contributions:

  • Feature article. Experts and practitioners may submit a full-length feature article on a topic of current interest, outlining challenges, solutions and practical how-to checklist. Practitioners are encouraged to submit case studies detailing their particular experience with an aspect of treasury/risk management. Feature stories are approximately 1,350 words long, can include sidebars and/or charts/graphs and should be submitted in electronic format of a common file type (e.g., Microsoft Word) and scanned for viruses. Contributions will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of their content and writing, timeliness of the topic (and in the case of outside experts, freedom from marketing pitch). The NeuGroup (with author review) will edit the articles for style and organization.

  • Viewpoint. Practitioners and experts may also submit shorter articles that focus on a particular topic of interest in letter-to-the-editor format or else a brief write-up. Submissions should be under 700 words in length and sent in electronic format of a common file type (e.g., Microsoft Word) and scanned for viruses.

All submissions must be original works to which the submitting person is in a position to grant publication rights. If accepted for publication, we retain the right to publish the submission in any and all forms or media and archive the material as we see fit. Subsequent reprints or republication of the works we publish is not allowed without our express written permission. If your submission has been or will be published elsewhere, please indicate this at the time of submission so we can work out an appropriate arrangement. These terms will be outlined in a contributor's agreement, which will be sent to you for signature prior to publication.