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The Bloomberg User Experience

Four members of NeuGroup’s peer group universe explain how they use their Bloomberg Terminals.


Are You Ready for MiFID II?

New rules are about to be implemented that could upend European financial markets.

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  • Risk Management February 27, 2018

    Treasurers Can Help Boards Mitigate Risk

    Here’s where treasury will be invaluable to corporate boards in 2018.

    Global multinational corporations (MNCs) face a multitude of risks this year, including activist shareholders pressuring them on how to best use excess cash following US tax reform. Then there's adapting to rising interest rates, and don't forget the inexorable force of the digital revolution that's forcing companies to embrace modern... Read More

  • Cash & Working Capital February 27, 2018

    Receivables Finance Programs Can Free Up Needed Liquidity

  • Risk Management February 27, 2018

    US Tax Reform: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions for MNCs and Corporate Treasury

    The sweeping US tax reform law passed in 2017 has major implications for how global MNCs allocate capital across the globe, putting treasury and tax departments—and the technology systems they rely on—in the spotlight.

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  • Investment Management February 27, 2018

    FX Algo Benefits Being Realized

    Greenwich Associates says benefits will increase algo use for FX trades. 

    In a world where the cost of execution continues to increase, corporate foreign currency traders are constantly on the lookout out for tools that provide more transparency and better performance. This is why more and more traders are turning to advanced execution methods like algorithms or algos.

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  • In This Issue February 27, 2018

    Waking Up an Echo

  • Treasury & Taxation February 27, 2018

    Repatriated Cash Could Present Challenges for Rates

    Much of companies’ offshore cash is tied up in US Treasuries; will repatriation flood the market with even more government debt? 

    Many companies cheered the new tax rules President Trump signed into law at the end of December. Not only will US MNCs have a lower tax rate going forward, they also get a break on bringing back cash that they kept overseas to avoid paying taxes. But in doing so, says Credit... Read More

  • Treasury Technology January 30, 2018

    Time for Treasury to Take Charge of Digitalization

    Treasury needs to drive the process of embracing the digital innovations that are fast and furiously approaching. 

    Treasurers lately are seeing how easily machine learning and chatbots can be incorporated into their treasury toolkits.

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