That Ol’ Share-of-Wallet Issue

NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group tackles managing banks and the corporate wallet.

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Libor to SOFR Switch Will Be Challenging

Response to CME’s SOFR futures contracts may provide early signal.

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Featured Articles:

  • Organization November 6, 2019

    You Don’t Have to Know Everything Before You Take the Job

    Smartsheet CFO Jenny Ceran talks about her circuitous journey to her current role. 

    Luck favors the bold is an oft-used Latin proverb. It is also a theme that has run through three Women in NeuGroup events over the past year.

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  • Capital Markets November 6, 2019

    We’ll Get to Libor Later

    Two surveys say nonfinancial firms are falling behind in Libor transition efforts.

    Nonfinancial companies are taking a passive approach to prepping for the transition away from Libor, relying heavily on their banks and other financial firms to carry most of the burden Read More

  • In This Issue November 6, 2019

    Getting Pensions Ready for Disruption

    November’s issue of NeuGroup Insights starts with a story that’s more or less a warning to managers of pensions: Be prepared for disruptive times.

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  • Pension Management November 6, 2019

    Prepping Pensions for Potentially Perilous Periods

    Managers of frozen or closed pension funds need to be prepared for transitional periods. 

    Managers of pension funds on a decumulation journey (with more cash flows going out of the plan than coming in) need to be wary of the different dynamics in this stage of the savings cycle.

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  • Pension Management October 9, 2019

    Pension Ratios Improve but Rates Still a Drag

    Fitch says progress made in funding ratios could be reversed amid prolonged low-rate period. 

    Corporate pension plan funding ratios have improved in recent years due to an increase in employer contributions, motivated by tax law changes, low borrowing costs and efforts to de-risk plans.

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  • Investment Management October 9, 2019

    Sustainability and Smart Investing: Why the Buzz About ESG Is Growing

    Interest in ESG investing is blossoming as companies search for purpose beyond profits. 

    Academic research cited by DWS "provides strong evidence that environmental, social and governance factors positively influence corporate valuation and investment performance."

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  • Regulatory Watch October 9, 2019

    Bank Treasurers Get Update on Regs

    The regulatory landscape continues to evolve more than a decade after the financial crisis. 

    Ben Weiner, a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, updated the members of NeuGroup's Bank Treasurers' Peer Group (BTPG) on the status of several bank regulations, including recent comments from Fed Vice Chairman Randal Quarles that are setting the stage for how some of these rules will evolve.

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