New Exchange Paves Way for Easier Digital Currency Use

CFTC approval of LedgerX platform makes corporate use of digital currencies much easier.


OECD: Don’t Abuse Tax Payer Info

The BEPS action plan for country-by-country reporting has MNCs worried their tax info will be abused.

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  • Treasury Technology October 25, 2017

    New Exchange Paves Way for Easier Digital Currency Use

    CFTC approval of LedgerX platform makes corporate use of digital currencies much easier. 

    Adopting new payment methods such as PayPal and Apple Pay typically involves complications. But solutions are emerging to facilitate their use. Companies that have agreed to accept digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced similar hurdles, and a recently approved derivative exchange and clearinghouse may... Read More

  • Accounting & Disclosure October 25, 2017

    Adding Harmony to Swap Trading Rules

    ISDA issues white paper to facilitate harmonization of swap regulatory regimes. 

    With major European Union financial regulations becoming effective January 3, 2018, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association has a white paper that seeks to help in efforts to harmonize regulatory regimes worldwide and ease the regulatory burden for swap market participants.

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  • Risk Management October 25, 2017

    Host of Hacks Not Raising Cyber Premiums

    Cyber insurance premiums fall despite major hacks; scrutinizing coverage still a must. 

    Despite the continuing steady flow of news about major companies getting hacked, cyber policy premiums have continued to fall and their coverage broaden as insurers crowd into the space.

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  • Conferences October 25, 2017

    Liquidity Management Funding a Focus at EuroFinance

    It’s a seller’s market for raising capital, ratings are still useful and good working capital is good strategy. 

    It's an issuer's market for investment-grade corporate bonds, agency ratings are useful for many things, and European money market reforms are here. Those are just a few topics discussed at EuroFinance's annual conference.

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  • Global Treasury October 25, 2017

    Coming Disruption in Trade Finance

    Greenwich: Changes to global trade finance sector means “money in motion.” 

    A number of cross-currents are buffeting the global trade finance business. These include the pullback by big banks and the entrance of smaller players—both bank and non-bank—as well technological change. All of which means there could be a lot of turnover in the sector.

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  • In This Issue October 25, 2017

    Activists Zig, Targets Zag

    By Ted Howard

    In the November issue of iTreasurer, we discuss a couple of kinds of threats: activist and cyber. While the former are perhaps less odious than the latter, they're still a concern and need to be dealt with effectively.

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  • Treasury Management October 25, 2017

    Activism Is Up, Are You Ready?

    By Ted Howard

    Activists are getting bolder but companies are also getting smarter. 

    The latest premise surrounding hacking in corporate America (or corporate anywhere) is that it is not a matter of if you'll get hacked, but a matter of when. While not of the same magnitude, corporate activism is growing; to the point that for many companies it's getting close to "not if but when" in terms of... Read More

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