Why Debt Won’t Go Away… Even Under Proposed Tax Changes

Tax changes under Trump could lead to reduced tax deductibility on debt but Deutsche Bank believes it may have limited impact.

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  • Capital Markets May 3, 2017

    Corporate Issuers Keep Maturities Short

    Floaters up and tenors down as MNCs await tax reform.

    Bond issuance volume is at record highs but durations are getting shorter as corporates keep an eye on political issues festering in Washington, DC.

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  • Treasury Management May 3, 2017

    Why Debt Won’t Go Away...Even Under Proposed Tax Changes

    Tax changes under President Trump could lead to reduced tax deductibility on debt but Deutsche Bank believes it may only have a limited long-term impact on how most companies use debt in their capital structure.

    The Trump Administration and Congress have been discussing tax reform that promotes the benefits of a lower marginal corporate tax rate—particularly in motivating companies to not only stay in... Read More

  • Investment Management May 3, 2017

    Will a Smaller Repo Profile Create Problems?

    The BIS says banks’ unwillingness to intermediate in the repo market could create problems in times of stress.

    Repo markets have contracted too much, the BIS says, which has led to constraints in availability and the possibility of making things worse in times of financial stress. In its report on "Repo market functioning," the Bank for International Settlements' Committee on the Global Financial System says... Read More

  • Outlook May 3, 2017

    The Calm Before Reform?

  • Investment Management May 3, 2017

    Uncertainties of Tax Reform and Rates Keeps Treasurers Short

    Companies are taking no chances when it comes to the uncertainties of where taxes and rates are headed. 

    Rising interest rates and the uncertainty around whether tax reform will proceed and what shape it may take has companies thinking even more about where to put their operating and medium-term cash.

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  • Regulatory Watch April 5, 2017

    Kinder, Gentler Hedge Accounting Rules?

    FASB wraps up proposal to facilitate hedge accounting treatment.

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  • Risk Management April 5, 2017

    Five Top Trends for Best-in-Class Currency and Commodity Hedging

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