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Getting to ‘Know Your Customer’ Is a Major Pain

KYC provisions have been dogging companies for years. But some are now exploring the use of Blockchain to help ease this pinch point.


Custodian Banks - Unloved but Here to Stay

There are a lot of things that treasurers would rather do than work with their custodian banks. But with MMF reform, custodian banks are here to stay.

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Peer Group Highlights:

  • Event August 8, 2017

    Strong Dollar Impact

    Tax reform headlined a range of issues discussed by assistant treasurers. 

    As multinationals continue to gobble up competitors and interest rates remain just above record lows, members shared ideas including the optimal structure for treasury departments, where cash can find a home, and tips on effectively offering deferred compensation plans to employees. Credit Suisse explained how potential ... Read More

  • Event July 7, 2017

    Tax Reform Conundrum

    Tax reform topped concerns, but treasurers have plenty of other issues to consider. 

    The Treasurers’ Group of Thirty Large-Cap Edition peer group heard presentations by Deutsche Bank strategy experts about the latest developments in tax reform and other treasury-pertinent issues.

    Read More

  • Event June 9, 2017

    Robust Programs for Dollar’s Unpredictable Path

    FX managers consider hedge programs as dollar surges, then plunges.

    The Foreign Exchange Managers’ peer group kicked off its first 2017 meeting in early March.

    The group heard Société Générale’s views about the dollar’s prospects and Fed actions, and an expert update about changes to hedge accounting requirements, and they had several topical discussions, including the option vs. forward choice and best FX... Read More

  • Regional Treasury May 3, 2017

    Rethinking Latin America from a Global Banking Service Perspective

    Presence still matters for MNCs evaluating banks for a region, but one bank cannot be everywhere. 

    The LatAm Treasury Peer Group (LatAmTPG) met for its 2017 H1 meeting in Miami to assess what impact US policy under the new administration would have on the region. Fortunately, it appears that the impact will not substantially affect a return to economic growth for at least two of the three major... Read More

  • Regional Treasury April 5, 2017

    So Much Change in So Little Time

  • Regional Treasury March 14, 2017

    Treasury Investors Ask: Where Do We Put the Cash?

  • Regional Treasury February 2, 2017

    The Devil Is in the Details

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