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Getting to ‘Know Your Customer’ Is a Major Pain

KYC provisions have been dogging companies for years. But some are now exploring the use of Blockchain to help ease this pinch point.


Custodian Banks - Unloved but Here to Stay

There are a lot of things that treasurers would rather do than work with their custodian banks. But with MMF reform, custodian banks are here to stay.

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When Opportunity Knocks, Change Treasury
September 21, 2017 Organization

When Opportunity Knocks, Change Treasury

Treasury organizations aren’t static; they need to change with the times.

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Striking a Balance with the Tax Plan
August 29, 2017 Treasury & Taxation

Striking a Balance with the Tax Plan

Companies are trying to figure out how to structure new tax plans. But they should pay heed to the attitudes about complex tax schemes, legal as they may be.

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Global Cash and Banking Members Embrace

Best-in-Class Innovation

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Not Much Change Investment Models

Although broad US tax reform is unlikely, passage of a reduced corporate rate is possible, probably in 2018. Meanwhile, companies have cheered the dismantling of the regulatory state by Trump. Still, members of the NeuGroup peer universe haven’t done much to change their investment models following Trump’s election. Source: NeuGroup Peer Research, 2017 H1 (tMega, T30LC, T30, Tech20, AT30, ATLG)

Investment modeling
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