That Ol’ Share-of-Wallet Issue

NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group tackles managing banks and the corporate wallet.

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Libor to SOFR Switch Will Be Challenging

Response to CME’s SOFR futures contracts may provide early signal.

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Risk Management

iTreasurer 1995 – Derivatives Coming of Age

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May 21, 2015

Twenty years ago, treasurers were encouraged to think of derivatives more proactively in risk management, but not in isolation. 

"It has been only 10 years since derivatives have been viable alternatives to what in many cases was a ‘do-nothing’ benchmark for risk management. The full implications of their advantages, costs, purposes, and various implementations are still being worked and reworked, company by company. And, of course, derivatives cannot be evaluated in isolation. Companies should work to comprehend the concept of risk more so than any specific derivative. They should also work hard to put this on the agenda outside of treasury."

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