New Exchange Paves Way for Easier Digital Currency Use

CFTC approval of LedgerX platform makes corporate use of digital currencies much easier.


OECD: Don’t Abuse Tax Payer Info

The BEPS action plan for country-by-country reporting has MNCs worried their tax info will be abused.

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Divestitures a Growing Value Enhancer
December 12, 2017 Capital Markets

Divestitures a Growing Value Enhancer

Companies have been vigorously divesting over the last few years and in 2018 it is expected to continue.

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RPA Is the Future but Pragmatism Needed
November 28, 2017 Software & Systems

RPA Is the Future but Pragmatism Needed

Robots are a good solution for many processes, but there is a cost and without a thorough review of where it’s applicable, that cost could be high.

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An FX Dashboard That Sparks Envy and

A Tool That Lifts FX Exposure Accuracy

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Troubles Abound

Top Ten TroubleSource: NeuGroup Peer Research, 2017 H2
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