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The Talent Challenge

A broad theme for NeuGroups in 2018 has been talent: fostering, cultivating, recognizing and most importantly, retaining it.

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ERP Specialist Broadens Its Horizons

Rebranded as Serrala Services, e5 sees the cloud opening up options for treasury.

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Featured Articles:

  • Software & Systems January 16, 2019

    Selecting a TMS and What Systems Will Be Like in the Future

    Buying a TMS can be all-consuming, a headache and more. But there is hope. 

    As a news organization and a provider of financial data and services to financial institutions as well as nonfinancial corporates, Bloomberg has broad and deep insight into trends impacting corporate treasury. Its head of product management for corporate treasury discussed those trends at a recent NeuGroup meeting, ... Read More

  • Banking Relations January 16, 2019

    That Ol’ Share-of-Wallet Issue

    NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group tackles managing banks and the corporate wallet. 

    What are banks’ returns on the services they provide, what does that mean in terms of divvying up the corporate wallet, and do other treasury executives also feel they do most of the work when it comes to syndicating their companies’ loans?

    Read More

  • Treasury & Taxation January 16, 2019

    No Tax Reform Effect on Notional Pooling

    Tax reform’s effect on notional pooling is close to zero but risks remain for those using the structures.

    US tax reform still prompts questions about its impact on pooling, particularly on operationally appealing notional pools. While regulators have said that the new law does not affect pooling, corporate treasuries should consider notional pools’ potential risks.

    Read More

  • Treasury Technology January 16, 2019

    Connecting Treasury to More and Better Data—The Death of the TMS?

    By Joseph Neu The real fail point for treasury management systems is access to underlying data.  One of the clear messages from the recent NeuGroup meeting cycle is the growing realization that data will be driving treasury’s future as it

    Read More

  • In This Issue January 16, 2019

    A Capital Plan

  • Outlook January 16, 2019

    What Treasurers Will Be Talking About in 2019

    Capital structure and planning are top of mind for many treasurers, along with technology, treasury organization and tax reform. 

    “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” That quote, attributed to Niels Bohr, atomic physicist and Nobel laureate in physics, sums up well how difficult it is to predict the future. And while many predictions for 2019 are valid and can be... Read More

  • Treasury Management December 8, 2018

    Make Sure Your Culture Has Had a Big Breakfast

    Sure, technology can make treasuries more efficient. But don’t forget the people involved: They must be happy and know they have a future.

    The task of making treasury more efficient over the past few years has been assigned to technology but according to feedback from NeuGroup peer groups, culture is a surprisingly potent factor when it comes to making treasury run smoothly. Read More

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