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Getting to ‘Know Your Customer’ Is a Major Pain

KYC provisions have been dogging companies for years. But some are now exploring the use of Blockchain to help ease this pinch point.


Custodian Banks - Unloved but Here to Stay

There are a lot of things that treasurers would rather do than work with their custodian banks. But with MMF reform, custodian banks are here to stay.

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Featured Articles:

  • Accounting & Disclosure August 8, 2017

    For New Hedge Accounting Standards, Early Adopters Benefit

    By John Hintze

    FASB approves early adoption of new hedge accounting upon issuance. 

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) may have labored over new hedge-accounting guidance for years, but corporates only have a few months to prepare if they want to adopt it early, and some may have good reason to make the effort.

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  • Treasury Technology August 8, 2017

    Is Your Treasury Team Prepared for the Digital Future?

    By Julie Zawacki-Lucci

    Rapid advances in automation and digitalization present both immense opportunities and challenges for treasurers.

    The timing for treasury transformation projects being discussed in NeuGroup member groups couldn't be better as the digital landscape continues to improve, offering increased automation and advanced reporting.

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  • Risk Management August 8, 2017

    Can You Save on Trading Costs with FX Algorithms?

    By Anne Friberg

    FX managers are discovering the benefits of algo trading, particularly the ones that improve execution performance and save on trading costs.

    Can FX algos save you money? In an increasingly uncertain and volatile market environment, trading and execution takes on renewed importance. In a session at a recent meeting of the NeuGroup's second FX Managers' Peer Group (FXMPG2), led by... Read More

  • Investment Management August 8, 2017

    MMF Regulation 2.0 is About to Hit

    By Barb Shegog

    Europe approves money market fund reforms that hew close to US rules. 

    Just when money market fund investors were getting comfy with US changes to the industry, they faced another round of reform. The Council of the European Union, one of the EU's main decision-making bodies, recently approved money market fund reforms that impose stricter liquidity requirements and limit redemptions... Read More

  • Outlook August 8, 2017

    A Coming Ratings Downer?

    By Ted Howard

    This month's issue of iTreasurer has a tax and regulatory theme, starting out with some of the downsides of one possible outcome of tax reform and ending with a story on some new aspects to hedge accounting rules. In between we discuss coming money market reform in Europe, the benefits of FX algos and much more.

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  • Treasury & Taxation August 8, 2017

    Cash Repatriation Has Downside Potential

    By Ted Howard and John Hintze

    A cash repatriation holiday may weaken the notion of net debt.

    Moody's has long factored "net debt" into its ratings, the assumption being that cash held overseas can be used if necessary to service debt. However, looming tax reform has prompted concerns about the validity of that theory and could result in ratings downgrades.

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  • Risk Management July 7, 2017

    The (Inadvertent) Enemies Within

    By Barb Shegog

    Firewalls and other preventive measures can be all for naught if the hacker is voluntarily let in. 

    When thinking about cybersecurity, top of mind thoughts are usually confined to firewalls, hacking, and generally, unwanted outsiders trying to get in. Yet the growing risk in cybersecurity isn’t that they’re on the outside trying to get in—it’s that they’re already inside.

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