Why Debt Won’t Go Away… Even Under Proposed Tax Changes

Tax changes under Trump could lead to reduced tax deductibility on debt but Deutsche Bank believes it may have limited impact.

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Getting Credit Where Credit is Due

Multinationals are finding insurance coverage for their receivables and success by using third-party vendors.

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  • Global Treasury June 8, 2017

    A Phased and Orderly Brexit (but Tough Talks in Store)

    By John Hintze and Ted Howard

    European Commission approves negotiating principles and orderly approach to Brexit.

    With less than two years left before the UK becomes a "third country," the European Commission (EC) approved a mandate in early May that sets out core negotiating principles. Key issues impacting multinational corporations (MNCs), such as passporting and the status of European Union (EU) and... Read More

  • Organization June 8, 2017

    One Talent Management Challenge: Should You VP Your AT?

    By Julie Zawacki-Lucci

    A NeuGroup discussion among peers reveals you probably shouldn’t.

    As the projects and priorities chart below shows, talent management has risen in importance over the last year. And a recent NeuGroup Tech20 ShopTalk conversation gives a good example of talent considerations. One member wanted to know: 1) Do ATs hold the VP title? and 2) If so, was there an inflection point in... Read More

  • Treasury Management June 8, 2017

    Getting to ‘Know Your Customer’ Is a Major Pain

    By Geri Westphal

    KYC provisions have been dogging companies for years. But some are now exploring the use of Blockchain to help ease this pinch point.

    Most treasury professionals believe they have a basic understanding of fintech trends and technology with many embarking on strategic plans to identify how these new technologies will impact their current operations and how best to plan for their... Read More

  • Accounting & Disclosure June 8, 2017

    Treasurers Need to Get on Their Hedge Horses

    By John Hintze

    FASB leaves little time to take early advantage of new hedge accounting guidance.

    It's already June, leaving corporates only six months to prepare for new hedge accounting guidance if they want to adopt it early, likely for many companies, especially heavy users of commodities but also those who want more control over other features of their hedges. Read More

  • Cash & Working Capital June 8, 2017

    Stability Brings Cash Back to Prime

  • Event June 8, 2017

    The Soft Rules of BEPS

    By Ted Howard

    From taxes to accounting, the June issue of iTreasurer covers a wide variety of topics, from taxes to new hedge guidance with several stops in between.

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  • Treasury & Taxation June 8, 2017

    BEPS at a Minimum

    By Ted Howard

    An uncertain trade and economic environment could force countries to think more deeply about their BEPS obligations. 

    While the US machinates over tax reform, another major tax reform project keeps plowing along. That is the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, which includes a 15-point action plan that it's still working through.

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